What to Expect in This Course

Join us and develop your confidence when working with families in play therapy. Learn creative attachment-based interventions to foster the parent-child relationship and cultivate resilience in a family. Building family resilience involves fostering connections, promoting open communication, and developing coping strategies to help family members endure and overcome life's challenges together. Learn the art of balancing structure and spontaneity in sessions and how to engage a family with safety as the core construct. When play therapists work within the family system, the family often feels seen and moves toward healing. The interventions can be used in person or via telehealth play therapy sessions. This workshop is rooted in the therapeutic powers of play, mindfulness, attachment, and polyvagal theory. Case examples, videos, and small break-out rooms will be used to deepen the therapist’s learning. We will send out a list of materials needed for the workshop.

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