Course Description and Learning Objectives


Now, more than ever as play therapists we need to replenish our wellspring of compassionate and creative approaches that will reawaken, reinvigorate, and regenerate a sense of inner strength, hope, and resilience with the children and families with whom we work.

Utilizing the resiliency-focused StoryPlay® process, this 3-hr. play therapy webinar will provide participants with Artistic Metaphors and StoryCrafts - experiential and creative activities designed to help children and teens reduce anxiety, transform fears into resources, nurture courage, connect to self-determination, embrace a playful nature, and enhance the flow of inner peace in the face of life’s challenges and uncertainties. In addition, to use in private practice, examples will be woven throughout this webinar showing how specific activities have been successfully implemented with children and teens throughout the world in a variety of settings, cultures, languages, and age groups.


Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how to utilize the “Inner Resource Drawings” approach with children and adolescents during play therapy sessions. 

2. Use the  “Pathway to Success Map” activity during play therapy sessions to help children and adolescents develop symbols and images to identify goals, obstacles, and inner resources. 

3.  Be able to use a story as the catalyst for creating a StoryCraft.

4.   Recognize how to utilize the elements of our natural ecology as metaphors in the quest for positive change and healing in Play Therapy.

5. Develop a “Life-Story Puzzle with a child, adolescent, or family during the play therapy sessions.



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