Course Description and Learning Objectives


Family play therapy can be challenging at times, let alone figuring out how to involve the entire family in a teleplay session! During this workshop, participants will learn how to create healing moments of connection, repair strained or injured attachments, and use telehealth to make this magic happen! Come ready to learn new Attachment Centered Play Therapy interventions, listen to case studies, and have time for all of your Q&A’s

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze attachment theory as it applies to play therapy to provide integrated therapeutic treatment.
  2. Analyze various family systems through the lens of attachment theory to strengthen clinical assessment skills in play therapy.
  3. Conceptualize attachment patterns that impact parent-child relationships to further advance your play therapy clinical practice.
  4. Implement play therapy interventions to foster engagement with parents in family play therapy via telehealth in order to repair, and enhance the parent-child relationship.