Course Description and Learning Objectives


This workshop will help participants learn how to connect with teenagers through play therapy and understand common developmental misconceptions that often encourage negative stereotypes. Developmental stages of communication will be reviewed and interventions will be discussed to assist participants in developing an appropriate approach to treatment. We will rehearse the types and uses of therapeutic letter writing, and experiential activities that help adolescents overcome obstacles and gain closure on traumatic events. Participants will be encouraged to explore their values toward this population and reconnect with the healing powers of play. Special attention will be given to working with the resistant adolescent.‚Äč

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify ways to adapt play therapy approaches to provide a developmentally appropriate approach to therapy with adolescents.
  • Describe the unique characteristics and needs of adolescents in treatment and identify play therapy treatment techniques to effectively meet those needs.
  • Identify a few techniques for working with resistant adolescents in play therapy.
  • Use a variety of creative techniques appropriate for adolescent play therapy clients.
  • Discuss strategies for utilizing play and creative approaches in family therapy with adolescents.
  • Describe how to utilize play therapy to establish trust and build therapeutic relationships with adolescent clients.

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