Course Description and Learning Objectives


This workshop will focus on the different play therapy methods to use with preschool children. Many of these children have difficulties that cannot be expressed in words. The workshop will cover the areas of child development (both cognitive and social) that relate to this population, as well as the play therapy treatment for children with disabilities and typically developed children. Some parent training will also be discussed. There will be some experimental work, as well as videos to enhance this didactic presentation.‚Äč

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the developmental norms of preschoolers in play therapy treatment.
  • Describe three therapeutic powers of play           
  • Identify techniques that can be used with preschoolers in play therapy.
  • Explain the power of play and demonstrate how to recreate it for a child in play therapy.
  • Apply skills to facilitate a play therapy session with a preschooler
  • Demonstrate how to follow the lead of a preschooler and how to facilitate play in play therapy

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