Techniques! Techniques! Techniques! Play Therapists are always asking us for more therapeutic interventions to do in the playroom. In response we have put together a comprehensive guide for many tried and true play therapy techniques.

Each technique includes the following: 

  • Theoretical Basis
  • Appropriate Mental Age Range
  • Appropriate Population to Use this Technique With
  • The Therapeutic Power of Play that is Activated by the Technique
  • An Explanation of Why the Technique is Beneficial for the Population
  • A Written Description as Well as a Video Example of How to Use the Technique
  • A List of Materials Need as well as Links for Where to Purchase the Materials
  • Things to Avoid When Using the Technique 
  • A Description That Can be Used for Insurance/ Notes Purposes to Describe the Therapeutic Intervention

We will be adding more as they are completed so check back! We have over 60 that we plan on including!